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  • What is
  • Formovies was created to assist movie lovers in finding dvds, video stores, and more.

    ForMovies is dedicated to providing the most current and top quality movie data anywhere.
  • Does it cost anything to use
  • Absolutely not! ForMovies is completely free. See the "Terms of Use".
  • How can I use
  • Come to ForMovies to get all kinds of movie information including:
       - "Top Movie Rentals"
       - "New Movie Releases"
       - "Upcoming Releases"
       - "Top Box Office Titles"
       - "Upcoming Box Office Releases"
       - "Movie Trivia"
       - and more!
  • You bet! Simply link to
  • Where do you get your movie data?
  •    - Home Video data is provided by Rentrak's Home Video Essentials
       - Box Office data is provided by Rentrak's Box Office Essentials
  • Can I use data from ForMovies on my own website?
  • You may use data from ForMovies only through the RSS feeds.
  • Can I buy movies from the Mr Movies website?
  • No. Mr Movies does not sell movies from their website.
  • Do you display game or music data?
  • No. is dedicated to only movies.
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